Dough Divider Rounders

Rollmatic announces its new line of DIRO Divider Rounders: state-of-the-art machinery for portioning and rounding doughs to obtain buns of the same weight and shape.

The Divider Rounders are indispensable equipment in Bakeries, where it is necessary to make large quantities of dough buns with the same size and weight without altering the product, but also in Pizzerias, where the dough buns are crushed to create the round bases of the pizzas.

The DIRO line boasts manual, semi-automatic and automatic dough dividers and rounders, ideal for small or medium-sized productions. The compact size and the ease of cleaning are the two most appreciated features, some models are also equipped with a pedal instead of the traditional handle to activate the rounding cycle, in this way the overall dimensions are reduced even more and the use is much more ergonomic.

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Manual divider rounder DR-M


Semi-automatic divider rounder DR-S


Automatic divider rounder DR-A