Automatic Bread Slicer CP42-CP52

Automatic counter-top model suitable for general use, for compact bread or for bread with a medium hardness baked crust.
Available in two cutting sizes (420 and 520 mm).
Thanks to its compact shape, the smaller version (420 mm) is also suitable for behind-the-counter use in small and medium sized laboratories and in restaurants.
It can operate in single and continuous cutting mode.
It features adjustable cutting speeds and a steel safety top with automatic closing and opening.

Dati tecnici - CP42-CP52
Modello - Model Manuale da tavolo / Manual bench type
Carico - Loading Frontale / Front
Lunghezza nominale taglio - Nominal width cut 420 - 520 mm
Dimensione max. pane mm - Loaf max. dimensions mm 400/500 x 230 x 180h
Passo lame - Blade pitches Scelta da 9 a 20 mm / Available from 9 to 20 mm
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