Bull planetary mixers were designed using technical solutions that guarantee sturdiness and reliability over time as well as extremely limited maintenance interventions.
The oil bath gearbox is a technical feature shared by all the machines in the range, along with the power of the motors that guarantee excellent performance also in case of use in any situation.
The addition of an inverter on all models allows customized speed adjustments for any product and protects the motor from overloads. The bowl can be disassembled without removing the tool and the protection grid can be easily taken off for cleaning.
To ensure a long life, the machine frame is made of thick steel which is subject to four protective treatments: pickling, sandblasting, primer application and finally powder coating.
All the parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel or compatible materials. Stainless steel versions are available upon request.

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Planetary Mixer B10


Planetary Mixer B20F


Planetary Mixer B30F-B30


Planetary Mixer B40L-B40P


Planetary Mixer B60L


Planetary Mixer B60-B60P


Planetary Mixer B80L


Planetary Mixer B100-B160