Planetary Mixers

The legendary power of the bull is reflected in the BULL planetary mixers line, together with a sleek and captivating design. The technical solutions, such as the oil-bathed gear transmission boxes, the structural rigidity of the body, and the installed power, allow the machines to be used under even the most demanding conditions.

The simplicity in construction guarantees quick and simple maintenance. The use of an electronic inverter protects the motor from possible overloads and enables the operator to find the ideal mixing speed for any product. Easy to clean thanks to the removable grid and easy to use with the interchangeable tools, with or without removing the bowl.

The frame is made of thick painted steel, and parts making contact with the food are stainless steel or compatible materials. Available with electric bowl lifting and a programmable keyboard with memory to store 100 work programs (160 litres models).

Three-speed switch versions. Wide range of capacity, with bowls from 10 to 160 litres and an option for reducing the bowl up to 60 litres. Stainless steel body machines available upon request.

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Planetary Mixer B10


Planetary Mixer B20F


Planetary Mixer B30F-B30


Planetary Mixer B40L-B40P


Planetary Mixer B60L


Planetary Mixer B60-B60P


Planetary Mixer B80L


Planetary Mixer B100-B160