Industrial Bread Slicers

The name of the Samurai line of slicers is inspired by the historical Japanese warriors and their sword, the famous "katana", conveying powerful and accurate cutting. The choice of name is hardly accidental, Rollmatic slicers guarantee performance and efficiency in cutting for any sort of bread. In compliance with the latest European standards, this line provides state of the art safety. It is easy and safe to clean due to its crumb tray box with microswitch which, as a precautionary measure, prevents the machine from starting if it has not been closed. The pleasing aesthetic of the models, their personalised colours, small dimensions, noiselessness and ergonomics make them easy to integrate in shops or supermarket sales areas. The different available models, from the bench type to the industrial type, together with options such as the bag-opening blower, oiler, and Teflon blades, provide high productivity and better cutting results, for either hard crust bread, or softer breads such as rye, which are more difficult to slice. Blades are easily replaced. The parts in contact with the bread are made of stainless steel.

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Industrial Bread Slicer MI52


Industrial Bread Slicer MR52