Variable pitch model with slice thickness selection (from 5 to 25 mm). It can cut any type of bread. Suitable for laboratory use as well as for the cutting in the retail area. Available with lubrication system and in stainless steel version.

Dati tecnici - SA35 - SA50
  SA35 - SA50
Modello - Model Laboratorio e Self service / Workshop & Self service
Carico - Loading Frontale / Front
Lunghezza nominale taglio - Nominal width cut 350 mm - 500 mm
Dimensione max. pane mm - Loaf max. dimensions mm 350 x 230 x 140h - 500 x 230 x 140h
Passo lame - Blade pitches Variabile da 5 a 25 mm con passo di 1mm / Adjustable from 5 to 25mm, 1mm pitch
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