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Industrial Bread Slicer MR52

Industrial Bread Slicer MR52

MR52 is a novelty in the field of bread slicers with fixed pitch. Being fitted with interchangeable knife frame, MR52 allows for the production of different bread thicknesses by interchanging the knife frame with another one with a different pitch.

Replacing the knife frame is easy and takes only a few minutes.
This technical solution helps you minimize the cost of the investment and maximize the space in the laboratory.

MR52 is back loaded type, it’s featured with two motorized belts and with electrically operated height adjustment.Frames’ and belts’ speed can be adjusted separately.
It can cut bread with heights ranging between 35 and 180mm., maximum width is approx. 520mm.

MR52 is very silent and can be featured with different accessories like a front s/steel table, a s/steel table with built-in bag blower, a motorized table to connect the system to a packing line, a photocell for the temporary stop of the slicing, a gravity s/steel chute and an oiling system.
A multilayer trolley is also available to store additional frames.

MR52 is suitable for the cutting of bread and alike. Depending on the product to be cut, its productivity ranges between 700 to 1000 pcs/h.


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